If I were Filthy Rich
By luuummoooxdadwarf
+57 IIWTL, I'd buy nostalgia.

This might sound strange, but one thing I would love to do is buy my grandparent's house. After they passed I finally realized how much I really loved their house. So many memories. And it's a really nice house.

I often have dreams that feature the house and my grandma and I always wake up feeling a strong yearning to be there again. I am sure the people that own it now have redecorated and all, but it can't have changed so much that I can't roll back the clock but with some modern updates.

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+10 @soccercoachguru Yes. This so much... ​ My grandparents will stated everything was to be sold outside the family and proceeds split. THis was known well in advance so there were no arguments. It is also a rural area and they wanted their kids to go where they have more opportunities and not think they should stay in the area. It is one of the few places with good memories and my parents not fighting. ​ Several cousins have done well and tried to buy it back, but the people that bought it quote absurd prices knowing they are family. I was through the area recently and the house is run down - unpainted. Grandmothers rose garden replaced by a cement slab and dog runs with many dogs stuffed in them. The grounds are torn up by four wheelers, etc. Just typing this made me angry and start crying. Too much emotion. Sorry