If I were Filthy Rich
By luuummoooxdadwarf
+24 First place you will live for over 3 months?

Assuming you win big enough that you and your family never have to worry about money again, where would you travel and live? Not talking about permanent residency or visiting for a week, where would you take your first extended vacation where you can really get to experience life there?

My two big ones are Germany and Japan. Not sure where in Germany. In Japan, it would be Osaka.

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+11 @Chromattix I know it sounds unoriginal but I'd give California a go. I'm over in Australia and already know that I want a similar climate to what I have here because no other place on earth is worth giving up having this much sunshine throughout the year, especially as someone who likes to be outdoors and who enjoys gardening and collecting hot-climate plants (got tons of cacti, succulents and tropical species and I want to continue living somewhere that's warm enough to grow them outdoors year-round) so yeah it's the only place I can think of outside of my own country that's A) warm B) mostly English-speaking and C) a country/culture not *too* radically different to what I'm used to. California also looks like a fantastic place to be rich in. Wouldn't want to be poor there but in this case I'm clearly not going to be and damn it looks like there are some absolutely beautiful homes and locations under the west coast sun there for those who have several million to spare on a house. I do like it here in Australia but we're just lacking so much in terms of culture and entertainment and "stuff to do" here - CA just seems like a more fun, lively version of here with the same great weather. If I end up liking it enough, I'll probably stay. Or at least have a home there I can escape to mid-year when it's too bloody cold here.

+9 @v3gard I would try to live on a tropical island. Either with glamping gear or in a bungalow, with easy access to food, water, electricity and Internet. I would also have to be able to get fresh supplies or medical assistance quite easily (e.g. by car or boat).