If I were Filthy Rich
By luuummoooxdadwarf
+30 When you win, how will you live your life?

This question assumes you win amazingly big, like $250 mil. Not how will your lifestyle change, but more of how will your relationships change?

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+19 @Chromattix Keep my immediate family and close friends (if I can even call any of them that by this point but I'm gonna need connections that aren't direct relatives) and fuck everything else. I'll be quitting work, moving somewhere else and finding something better to do with my life. Anyone who hasn't been there for me in the past year or two is being forgotten about fast unless they helped me out significantly in my younger years.

+10 @SgtNoPants Stay the same more or less Maybe I return to the country where I was born, buy a house with 5br something that is big but not too fancy, get a car, start working out (gotta spend my time now if I don't work), travel a lot, find a girlfriend and settle down. I am only close to family, I don't have friends anymore so it's kinda easy.