If I were Filthy Rich
By coldbuttonissues
+60 Servants/Household Staff By Lottery Winnings After Taxes

1 Million - Would have a weekly housecleaner visit my apartment to wash all the surfaces and do laundry.

10 Million- Maid and chef.

50 Million- Maid, chef, gardener for "the grounds" of my new mansion.

100 Million Maid, chef, gardener, party planner for my annual gala, monthly get-together, and weekly dinner parties. Also, a personal stylist.

Who would you hire?

Recent responses

+40 @HalfSum wouldn't hire anybody other than a cleaning service who comes once a week to make the place spotless. Hiring household staff just seems stressful and it also a safety issue.

+35 @SassiesSoiledPanties You don't seem to be considering any security. Even just basic, someone to filter scammers/godpushers from legitimate visitors and answer phones. Good security should not even disclose if you are home or not. Could be someone is casing you.

+17 @juicius A personal concierge at $50 million level, or below if it's from American Express Centurion Card. But a *personal* one of you can afford one. Because at some level, you're not going to be making personal decisions on the staff you hire. Our making travel plans or booking flights. A concierge can set your schedule, make time for leisure, suggest several options and give recommendations, and book them for you, all without you doing anything. And despite what another poster did, I wouldn't worry about security. The best security is anonymity. Even if you indulge, there's really not much that's going to set you apart from just moderately wealthy but financially unwise crowd. And places you can really indulge tend to be insulated from the normal riffraffs anyway. Walking around with an obvious security or two is only going to make you stand out.

+15 @quizzlie Social media manager. Take flattering candid photos of me AND like pictures of my friend's new baby.

+12 @Lagkiller The amounts you listed wouldn't really cover those kinds of expenses. A full time maid or [chef](https://tastecooking.com/secret-lives-private-chefs/#:~:text=%E2%80%9CIf%20it's%20a%20live%2Din,of%20between%20%24150%2C000%20and%20%24200%2C000.) would easily be 100k a year on the low end once you figure in the costs past just the salary (the taxes you need to pay as an employer, benefits or additional salary to cover not having benefits). If you had both at 10 million, you'd have spent at least 1/5 your earnings in the first 10 years assuming you never raised their wages.