If I were Filthy Rich
By coldbuttonissues
+49 Lottery Winner Timeline

This is how I imagine time would pass after I won the lottery.

1 hour later.....

"The door dash is here!" I cry happily as I triple check the winning lottery ticket is still in the ziplock bag under my mattress. "My treat!"

One month later.....

Sweat drips down my whole body. I want to die. "Keep going" my expensive trainer shouts. I decide to fire him.

Three months later....

I eagerly rip open the letter. "It's from the IRS!" I shout. "They've approved my new foundation as a 501c3."

80 years later....

The crow squawked overhead, flapping its jet black wings and passing the two girls. It settled on a large obsidian obelisk on the east side of the graveyard.

Nina shivered as she gazed at the imposing obelisk. It rested beneath two majestic maples, that had been planted decades ago. "Why are there so many beautiful flowers under that tombstone?" she asked her sister.

"Oh, that" laughed Elena. "Some powerball winner used his money so wisely and kindly, lottery winners and some of the locals like to leave flowers in their memory."

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+53 @RickMuffy How do you go from arbitrarily firing your personal trainer, who was clearly doing a good job for you, to being universally loved after death? Lol

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