If I were Filthy Rich
By GeneralVillage
+42 If I won

Honestly, I've thought about this a lot.

I wouldn't change much of my life but pay down debts.

Buy a home move away from the current state (midwest) .

And just continue to work. Maybe pick up some new studies.

I'd honestly just like to keep my lifestyle modest. I'm not a flashy showy person. A few little splurges sure. But money being invested would be a big thing.

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+28 @stolen4twitter Why? Like seriously why? You’re telling me if you got 100 mil direct deposited onto your bank account you’re just gonna keep working? You’re gonna have a boss that you answer to when you could buy his entire life. You’re gonna wake up everyday and commute? For what? Just gonna be rich as fuck and continue to be a cog in the capitalist machine instead of being the head of the machine or just completely opting out and doing whatever the fuck you want. Travel first class on an instant. Explore the world. Try every hobby you ever wanted. Go explore cities with amazing restaurants, experiences, architecture. It’s not about just flexing money it’s about becoming a well rounded person who has seen the world outside their bubble.

+15 @Daegog If it was a large jackpot, I definitely wouldn't consider doing anything that could be remotely construed as work (except for managing my money). I figure, if a person is so blessed that they actually love their job, why the hell bother playing the lottery?