If I were Filthy Rich
By CarefreeInMyRV
+55 A Little OT: Does anyone else want to win the lottery, but have an inkling that it would just implode your life for the worse?

Never knowing if people are nice to you because you have money, when time spent/favours/trinkets was your love language anyway. Worrying that family and friends would get jealous and resentful to have money fall in to your lap, while they work. Maybe you have an inkling already that they would, and so might have you in their shoes even, if you're being honest, you're human to. After a while, you start wondering do they still love you for you, or is there a shift now that you have things you can provide them? You'll need enough to pay for your parents, and you'll want to put money aside to make sure they're comfortable in retirement - but not that they can spend it willy nilly - so maybe you're now the nit that won't just let them have their money. But really your making provisions for them for your own piece of mind. You don't work, so unless you get the fuck out of dodge you'll probably be expected to be the go to person caring and overseeing your parents in retirement, if they need a nurse, well you've got money don't you? The rest of the families busy. You'll probably want to pay for a modest house for your siblings, and hope they don't expect more. And dating? Are they dating you? Or the person who seems to never work and lives in a lovely house, while they don't worry really worry about how much they spend on a good time, and takes modest vacations twice a year or so.

I ultimately want the security of the lottery, a modest amount to amply cover bills ($1000) with $300 more or so for disposable income per week, a home or two of my own, and money chilling in the bank after investing a good sum, and my retirement fund maxed out.

Recent responses

+27 @jartwobs Maybe I will worry about that when I actually win the lottery...

+16 @MrsMI1UCAN2 I fully believe that past a certain amount of money, your primary problems stop being solved and new problems start being created. Even in the optimum situations where people haven't lost family, they've ended up doing things like paying for private school for 20 grandchildren, their own kids are chronically underemployed and looking for "investments" from G&G, one of the kids needs special school at 80K a year, this one wants a horse, so that one gets a horse, the horse costs more than an apartment. Grandkids who get vehicles wreck them etc. and so on. In this case it wasn't a lottery, just a giant investment that paid off all of a sudden, but imho same difference.

+15 @megafly Sounds like you are creating problems that don't exist. I'd rather be a rich person worrying about these things than a poor person worrying about my transmission and roof leak.

+11 @math-ho I have to say, I don't really have these worries. Perhaps because if someone I knew won the lottery (other than my parents), I wouldn't expect anything from them. So I don't know if it's naïve of me to assume that people I know wouldn't either. I'd want to give a portion to my family and my partner's family regardless. On my side I just have my parents and grandparents, and on his side he has parents, grandparents, and two sisters with kids. In reality, my goal will always be to own a property with an annexe or two so both my parents and my SOs parents can live with us if they choose to. Lottery would cement that, plus I would be able to pay for any carers that are needed! So on the case of the initial amount I'd give them, they could piss it all away on random shit and I'd be happy as long as it made them happy. Personally, I'm (happily) quite reclusive and _maybe_ have one person I'd consider a close friend. So I wouldn't be concerned about friends changing if they knew. But ultimately I wouldn't tell anyone outside of family anyway.