If I were Filthy Rich
By smushy_face
+27 So what's on your shopping list?

I think we all know we'd go out and buy new houses and new cars (5 bedrooms for me at least and probably a Toyota Highlander hybrid with captain chairs in the second row), but what other random splurges would you indulge in? For me, I would be buying all my favorite skin care products, especially all the Peter Thomas Roth masks ($55 in full size - I have only ever gotten two full sizes when they were on sale).

Recent responses

+21 @veertamizhan A High end computer with a 4k curved monitor. All the latest gaming consoles. Build an amazing library. Buy a comfy couch to read and watch movies on.

+18 @joeviper25 So much Lego.

+12 @Spanjeweg_8 I'll get back to you once I've been travelling for 4 years.

+10 @Chromattix I'm big into plant collecting and landscaping so after I get my new place and move (no point doing it before) I'm definitely buying some more plants, including some rare/expensive ones that I might as well just wait to get delivered at my new home than have to move them around. If there's room for any on my new property I'm getting a mature-sized Queensland bottle tree put in, and an old olive tree too, plus some nice palms and huge cacti and succulents for my landscaping. These would make me just as happy as my first luxury car purchase lol, so wherever I move too needs some ground space for them (that or I'll have a rooftop penthouse and put the trees in giant pots). But since it'll take a long while for me to move a more immediate purchase would be some nice clothes and accessories. I can't lie - I want that designer/high end stuff. I own a few pieces already but they were definite splurges for someone on my income level, but wearing them does make me feel more confident, attractive and, well - like I matter. It's a good feeling, so I'd definitely do some clothes shopping, some Phillip Plein here, some Versace there, a Rolex maybe unless someone can suggest something that's higher tier but doesn't shout it too much. I'm pretty good at avoiding the ugly pieces (yes I agree a lot of designer stuff is tacky, but some pieces are just so sexy and original) they would make me feel like a celebrity wherever I go. But maybe not get too much since I'd eventually hire a personal trainer so I can bulk up a little. But stuff like watches, sunglasses, shoes etc would surely still fit after I do. I'd buy premium subscriptions to all sorts of things, granted I can afford this now but I gotta budget somewhere, But Spotify ads are just about driving mental. I'll probably go premium this year but I'd just do it right now. Premium Reddit too and be able to hand out awards. I'll get premium/VIP/whatever membership for other stuff eventually too once I realize what I'll be using often enough for it to be worth it but for sure first thing I'm gonna do is make sure I never have to hear another annoying ad again. Try paying for some hot guy's OnlyFans profiles to see if they got stuff I like. I avoid OnlyFans now because I know I'll just waste money on it. Like you - get the best skin and hair treatment stuff. Might even consider cosmetic surgery too - I'm mostly fine with how I look but I want a little more jawline and a little less nose lol. ​ There'd obviously be more but you don't become exposed to a lot of things you never realized you wanted until after you get the money so I have no idea what else for now. But perhaps before buying anything tangible I'll celebrate my new win by taking me and the people closest to me to a really nice resort for a few days so we can discuss what to do with the money and what everyone's getting.