+41 What I'd love to do!

Most of this is going to sound so cringey in all honesty, and I'm not really expecting anyone to read it as it's so fucking long lol. I'd also probably run out of money and it's all VERY fantastical but who cares!

1) I would love to give £50,000 each to mine and my partner's parents, and £25,000 each to both our grandparents and my partner's two sisters. I'd also want to put aside a decent portion for my future children for whenever they need help getting on their feet.

2) I'd want to retrain and earn a degree in veterinary science. I'd put a portion of the money towards tuition fees for a degree + foundation course. Not fussed on what uni, I'll probably put £1200pcm aside to rent a really nice flat. (Ideally one that allows pets, I would love to take in and re-home small rodents during this time)

3) Eventually I'd want to buy a barn conversion in the countryside. One with a good few acres of land. I'd want an annexe or two so our parents could eventually live with us if/when they need that extra support. Both bungalows. It'd be amazing to have five bedrooms - I'd love three kids. Whether that's biological, adopted, or foster I don't care.

4) On the land, I'd build a bunch of "luxury" kennels to take in senior dogs that I'd try and re-home. I say luxury - I'd want to stay away from a sterile rescue environment as much as I possibly could. I'd want to try and recreate a home environment and have these dogs involved with my family life as much as possible. I'd probably need to hire someone to help manage the huge amounts of laundry and cleaning...

5) I'd sink some money into hiring a website developer, a photographer to visit every month or so, a gardener to maintain the masses of lawn for the dogs, and a very high quality dog trainer. I'd also want to gain an animal grooming qualification and have a "groom room" on site. The photographer and webdev are to create the most appealing rehoming website as possible! This is to turnover as many dogs as fast as we can - making room for new residents.

6) I'd love to have a rodent rehoming room/centre with a bunch of large custom built cages. I've cheekily bought a couple of hamsters in my current flat (no pets allowed) and I really want to take in and re-home rodents in the future, regardless of having lots of money or not. I'd love to create a small business on this side that would provide healthy homemade rodent treats, proper-care brochures, "starter packs" with a bunch of fantastic rodent-care essentials for new owners, and maybe even have a salaried woodworker to produce very well-sized enclosures for sale. The business world have an educational social media presence. I'd completely expect this to run at a loss but providing educational content and rescue rodent care would be worth it.

7) How fucking cool would it be to hire a trainee or two. It would be great to sponsor promising people trying to gain animal care qualifications.

8) okay I don't know the practicalities of this (like any of the previous ramble was practical to begin with), but setting up a small veterinary clinic on-site. Not one open to the public, but one with a basic stock of medications and standard equipment so I could provide round-the-clock care to any resident animals we have. Of course anything major would need to go to a larger practice, but it'd be great to have the equipment to provide standard health-checks.

What would be fucking cool is to eventually expand this into a public clinic. Get a small payroll going, provide veterinary services at a very reduced rate to those on low incomes, sponsor trainees on admin or vet assistant duties to become qualified (if that's what their career goals are!) etc.

This sounds so stupid and is absolutely fantasy, but eventually it could develop into a huge pet welfare centre.

  • On-site veterinary clinic,

  • high quality rescue centres for different species,

  • a small store producing genuinely healthy and safe rodent products,

  • manufacturing our own cages that far exceed minimum standards and selling these online,

  • a small behavioural training centre for our rescue dogs and paid classes for members of the public,

  • a lovely and comfortable staff area for any employees or contractors, including a quiet and modern study room for those working towards a qualification

  • An adapted minibus specifically for the transportation of animals. This could be used to pick up any animals in need of rescuing.

  • a small on-site grooming centre to easily maintain our rescues. Maybe even open to the public? Depends on the quality of groom! Profits would be fed back into wages and the rehoming centre

  • host paid tours of the facilities and offer activities/experiences for any age group. The money earnt from this would feed directly back into any maintenance costs

This could snowball forever and ever... but I'm certain for nearly everyone it's great to daydream about what we'd do with a large amount of money :)