+37 How to find reputable investment managers after winning?

Pretty much title , finding a reputable attorney seems easy enough. But finding someone you intrust with the actual money seems much riskier.

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+14 @audacesfortunajuvat In order to avoid getting ripped off, you need to know a good amount about what the person is seeing you. If you learn even a bit about investing, you’ll quickly find that most investors don’t beat the overall market (like 90%). You’re almost certainly best off investing in an index fund and following the 4% rule ie don’t spend more than 4% a year to avoid touching the principal (at 4% you’re basically just spending what you earn off lending the money out). If you want to be more aggressive than that, remember you’re getting paid for risk. If something pays really well, it’s really risky. Get a fiduciary but also get a lawyer. Look at trusts in particular to shield the assets.

+13 @Cruelsader Find a fiduciary.