If I were Filthy Rich
By CityoftheMoon17
+88 What would be the very first thing you buy to tell your significant other or family?

I've always imagined I would tell my mum by taking her to a fully furnished penthouse suite overlooking the ocean, under the guise I need to deliver something to a friend. And then when we get there and she's gawking at the place I would show her around. In the master bedroom would be some of our family photos and small nic-nacs she owns. Then I would tell her it's her new house.

Recent responses

+30 @anonymau5 Bye Felicia

+25 @cookerz30 I'd look into a new pancreas for my Type 1 Diabetic girlfriend.

+24 @vladimirTheInhaler vacation tickets of course

+21 @fuzzybeard Guarantee my son's future. He has Down Syndrome, his mother & I are both well into our 50s. We would want to make sure that he is well cared for and doesn't have to work unless he wants to.

+19 @the_adonis_king 1st rule of lottery, don't tell anyone

+17 @nmcleod1993 I don’t have an SO just a son, probably an awesome trip to Disney

+13 @skymotion I think just a lot of land. Like 100 acres where we live, always been our dream to have a big parcel