If I were Filthy Rich
By Worldly-Opening-4427
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I would not tell anyone while I figured out what to do with it all.

I would only give money to those in need. I would make contracts to make sure it went towards things like debt, dentistry, driving lessons, medical bills etc. I would not say how much I got, so that people don't hound me. I would just like to make it easier on my close friends and close family, the real ones.

I'd buy driving lessons, , get my wisdoms out, buy a van and a nice lil house, invest the rest in stocks. I would not go buy rediculously expensive things when I don't need to, i'd just get all normal stuff lmao. XD so responsible, but u have to be!!!

I would invest most of the rest and have enough to travel with nd take care of things
If i won the lottery it would probably feel like instant stability and I would be so grateful.

I would be so happy to just win like $5000 really. If I won about $50,000 then that would basically solve my all life issues right now.