If I were Filthy Rich
By EveryCicada8639
+13 I would like to rebuild the family community created by housing schemes

My goal for a while has been to buy as much housing stock as possible. Old houses which are in a state of disrepair, unusual construction ( which can sometimes make them void mortgage criteria) and flats with short leases.

Properties principally invested in by for profit landlords.

I'm an electrician by trade and as such I'd start out by doing the normal routine of proactive maintenance and then rewire, re-plumb and make good. As well as new kitchens and bathrooms. Make these places real homes.

Then I'd calculate a ROI and work out the going market value. I'd find out what the same space would cost in the area and drop it by half. Using any monies to just reinvest in buying and developing more homes and following the same philosophy.

I have a real passion and drive to help train quality tradespeople. So I would hope to develop renovation and maintenance teams of young people through inhouse apprenticeship schemes to really give them a chance ( I had to fight hard to even get to college on my apprenticeship due to my companies view of apprentices as cheap labour)

So I would offer rock bottom prices on the highest quality of homes. The work would be abundant as the business would grow exponentially.

My one initial criteria would be exclusively for families as I see the market for students and professionals seems some what saturated. Plus I would want to witness if and how a new community would come about.

When this venture found its feet, I would move to opening up a community centre and youth activities.

I'd also try and set up some scholarships for the local community to enable kids a chance of going to university.

I could really breakdown the business plan in my head, but I've had a long day lol. If you've read this far thank you. If you do win the lottery bare this idea in mind 😉.