If I were Filthy Rich
By FlatTyres
+58 If I won the Euromillions Jackpot, I'd finally own a property in London

I have an informal agreement that I would split a jackpot 8 ways between myself and my family, so the only way to end up as a millionaire in a way that could afford property and a lavish lifestyle would be to win the EuroMillions jackpot (after several rollovers)

Let's say I won £80 million - I would keep £10 million of that and buy a 4 or 5 bedroom house with a decent-sized garden somewhere in Richmond upon Thames within a 10 minute walk of the river and let some close friends lodge in some of the spare bedrooms for free. Ideally a pre-1930s built house but with a parking space to allow easy installation of an electric car charging point. This would take £2m to £3m of the £10m budget.

With another £500,000 to £750,000 I would get a 2-bedroom flat in the London Borough of Camden - Kentish Town perhaps - ideally with a balcony and close to a Tube or Overground station (with an Overground station making it easy to get to Richmond and National Rail services to other towns in the borough). It would be my main home for work and study in London, while the Richmond house would be my holiday, summer and warm weekend home.

I would take many holidays to countries that have nice rivers, lakes and sandy beaches with warmer sea temperatures and do a lot of paddleboarding and kayaking - perhaps enter a bunch of open SUP races as an amateur (to racing).

I'd finally be able to afford to get my Italian citizenship documentation for citizenship through jure sanguinis (didn't have it done before I turned 18 and I turn 28 tomorrow so it's complicated - especially with my situation) and get my EU citizenship back (I voted remain and am very pro-EU). An outside-of-Britain thing I might do is buy a very nice medium-sized apartment as a holiday home with views of Lake Como or Lake Garda for under €1.5m. Perhaps in the future I might sell up in the UK and move to Italy.

I would try to let the remaining £6m last me for the rest of my life - if I live for another 55-60 years, then that's a budget of roughly £100,000 a year while already owning property - I don't want to buy up dozens of properties as I generally vote against political parties that support private property empires and bad landlords, plus owning a house and a flat in one country and a holiday home in another country is kind of the limit of what an individual should own - I don't like large property empires and greedy landlords - those three properties would be my lot and would already be a bit lavish and excessive when most people can't even afford to buy one property, or pay for rent even.