If I were Filthy Rich
By ShredderNL
+18 Does anybody know what it would cost if I bought my dream house? Or a helpful subreddit?

If I win the lottery, I wanna live in 2 countries. My home country where I wanna live in a regular family home in my home town. Nothing fancy. And own 1 cool daily driver car (Audi RS3/RS5 Sportback) and 1 car to play with on track days and do race courses in (BMW M2/M3/M4). I already calculated how much this would all cost on a yearly basis.

But I also wanna live in the U.S.A. more specifically, Central Texas (somewhere inbetween Austin & Houston). In Texas, I wanna either buy a plot of land and build my dream house + a free standing 5-car garage + a barn to be used as a band rehearsal space / music studio with a man-cave lounge area on the 2nd floor. Or I would simply buy an already existing property with one of those big barns and turn that into a rehearsal/studio/man-cave. Let's say the plot of land incl. The main house and the studio would cost somewhere inbetween 1.5 and 2 million USD. How much would it cost on a monthly or yearly basis to run this place? Could anyone calculate how much money I would need to sustain living there? Any help or links to other useful subreddits is very much appreciated.

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+10 @oregonchick I find it odd that you're picking a location that is in neither community where you'd want to spend your time. Like, why not just live right outside of Houston or Austin, where you can quickly nip into town for cultural events AND doing more everyday things like going out to eat or shopping? It would also put you in closer proximity to a major airport, which I assume would make travel to your other home easier. When there is a concert or event in the other town that you'd like to attend, simply plan ahead and make the drive (or take a quick flight), then stay overnight in a hotel. Small indulgence for a lottery winner, right? I don't have estimates for operating expenses for the property you're describing, but I do have thoughts about what might make up those costs: * Property taxes * Utilities if on-grid (if off-grid, initial costs for development plus ongoing costs for maintenance) * Internet access (and any landlines, cable or satellite, or whatever that you might choose) * Landscaping * Security * Housekeeping * Home maintenance and repair If you have a large property with multiple buildings and plan to leave it vacant for months at a time, you may want to hire live-in staff who would have a small home on the property. In some places, that's just a property manager who handles certain maintenance tasks, manages when repairmen come in to work on buildings, etc. In other places, you might hire what's known as an "estate couple" who are typically married; one of them handles property management and maybe acts as a chauffeur or maintains your fleet of vehicles, the other handles things like housekeeping, keeping fridge/pantry stocked and possibly cooking, event planning/catering when you have parties or guests visit, etc. You'd need to provide housing and benefits on top of whatever salary you offer, so consider that as a potential cost, too.