If I were Filthy Rich
By BoldMoves29
+19 If I ever were to win a huge jackpot

I wouldn’t tell anyone. I would probably make up a story about holding a bunch of crypto/stocks for a while, or act like I started a successful real estate business. I’d come up with more lies about business ventures along the way to explain how I acquired so much money. I feel like you’d be better respected if people found out you made the money on your own, or at least you’d have less people leeching and expecting money from you.

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+26 @iLoveLights Why does everyone keep posting every day that they would tell everyone they got rich on crypto? Why would that make you less likely to get robbed/murdered or leeched off by your relatives? I can tell you beggars don't give a shit where the money came from. Or is it that that kind of gambling has more respect on it than buying a ticket at a gas station? Also I'm not sure lying about starting a business venture would make you feel good about yourself. You don't start a multimillion dollar business without anyone noticing.