If I were Filthy Rich
By anthonynej
+47 Next powerball jackpot at $750M. This is my breakdown

Cash value at $350M so after considering taxes that would leave me around $220M?

I'd probably split the pot in half. Keep $110M in money market funds and dividend producing ETFs and live off that (even then it would be so much more money than I would know what to do with)

I think I'll use the rest to help fund athletic program in public schools. Learned about this non-profit org that did a similar thing while I was in school in MA. Unsure of what hurdles Ill have to jump over, but just something Id like to do as well.

Good luck everyone

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+17 @OPKatakuri I'll use $20Mil on lawyers and gifting to friends / family anonymously. Then invest the $200 mil left over on ETFs/Market funds. Probably just going to buy a high rise condo with top notch security and valet. The one I really want is $15000 a month lol...