If I were Filthy Rich
By SlipperyPete360
+47 What would you tell people?

This has probably been asked a lot here, but if you won let’s say 500 mil and you didn’t want everyone to know, what would be a believable explanation when someone asks how you’re able to live well without working anymore?

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+68 @keenedge422 I would just tell people "I work as a private concierge finance manager for high asset wealth clients. My primary clients don't maintain an office, so I work entirely remotely with no set hours, but they can reach me 24/7." It has the benefit of being a reasonable (if unexpected) transition from my current job, sounds like the kind of thing that would pay very well, explains why they never see me working, and sounds boring enough that most people won't want more details. And the best part? It's technically true. I am simply not telling them that the very wealthy clients are me and my family.

+30 @Dariel2711 There isn’t a reasonable explanation. If you have friends/family and aren’t unbelievably frugal after winning, there is literally no believable explanation. Why even try? Take precautions, move, buy things in an LLC, don’t advertise you won, or at least don’t advertise how much, but there isn’t a way to hide it. Maybe if you are comfortable being a loner, but even if you moved to a random rich area, people will want to know who you are and what you did for work. The internet is going to be hard to fully scrub and they are going to either figure it out, or make assumptions. I just see no way to hide that much money from people you care about without cutting them off. And what kind of miserable existence is that?

+26 @observethebadgerking Just say you came into money. A wealthy great aunt you didn't even know about left it to you. Don't tell them how much and don't explain the family history. Just say it's private and leave it at that.

+23 @Chance-Work4911 Tell them you're still working but strict NDA/rules/code of conduct strictly prohibit talking about what you do.

+21 @sn44 The same thing I said after I got the settlement check from my recent hit-and-tun accident: *"It's enough to square up some bills, but not enough to brag about."* I tent to play my cards close to my chest anyway, so for me to say something like that isn't out of character. It's also acknowledging that I did, in fact, win *something* but not 100% forthcoming with *exactly* how much.

+20 @Detached09 Not a damn thing. I live in a state where I can claim anonymously, so I'd do that and then I don't really care about a fancy huge house or really nice car so any upgrades I'd make would be in line with what someone in my field making my salary would be able to afford anyway. Nice 2k-ish sq ft house in a safe community, mid-market SUV like a RAV 4/CRV/Escape. Nothing extravagant or flashy or anything. Don't need it, don't want it, I'd be the most boring lottery winner on the planet.

+16 @Coraon I'd claim I sold a software patent and leave it at that. No one wants to hear a coder drone on.

+15 @GothinHealthcare I wouldn't say a damn thing and I'd move. Avoid any lavish purchases until I go somewhere else. Anonymity is the most valuable asset.

+13 @luuummoooxdadwarf Considering I work remotely as it is, I'd just not tell anyone I quit. Let them think I got a raise or promotion. Plus, I have a good excuse why I can't do stuff I don't want to: "ooh, sorry. I have work."

+13 @ThrowawayLDS_7gen I'm an accountant. Then I'd be a work from home accountant. Once you say accounting, their eyes glaze over.