If I were Filthy Rich
By CyberneticSandwich
+20 800 million dollars scenario

If I won 800 million dollars i would pick the delayed option, so that I'll be cashing the money over time.

First thing I'm going to do is to buy (get?) all land from an abandoned village and build a ranch there, I've always dreamed of owning a farm.

Second thing I'm going to buy the Lamborghini Bravo, which is my dream car but in the case the owner won't sell it I'll get a TVR Sagaris. Then a nuclear bunker in the ranch because you never know

With the rest of the money I would like to fund NGOs to help relieve humanitarian crises, build orphanages and improve the quality of life in some countries that I've come to known through books and media. If it's possible I would like to fight back the housing crisis by building more houses and let people live there at a discounted price and promise to give them an apartment after a couple of years have passed

Well that's all there is for me, I thought I would give my honest response

Recent responses

+29 @MostGangsterDon Always pick the lump sum IMO. With inflation rapidly increasing, you can certainly expand that type of cash. I did with my advisors. First get yourself an estate attorney and claim the prize anonymously if you are able to. EDIT: I meant to say inflation is increasing and your power of value behind the cash is always decreasing.

+16 @Daegog People here always tell you to take the lump sum because it does make sense for many reasons. The MAIN reason I would take the lump sum is that I dont want to hit a massive jackpot like that and take the 30 year annuity to find out a year or so after my hit there is a massive embezzlement scheme going on at the powerball corporation and the execs have been stealing money from winners (or something like that). I take the lump sum primarily out of paranoia and distrust of my fellow man.