If I were Filthy Rich
By Beta_Nerdy
+53 The HUGE Powerball Winnings hits your account, where do you put the hundreds of millions in the short term?

You won the Powerball Lottery. After taxes you now have almost 500 Million Dollars!

The Financial Experts you have hired tell you to not rush into making investment decisions with your new found wealth, but instead let it sit safely for a few months until you have a chance to work closely with your experts to determine where to invest the money.

Where do you put the $500 Million safely for a few months? THE SHORT TERM! CDs, Money Markets? Treasury Bills? Muni Funds? A savings accounts at banks? In a safe?

What are the pros and cons of each option for the short term?

Recent responses

+34 @wuvvtwuewuvv You should have figured that out before you even claim the prize.

+28 @zamboniman46 My vanguard savings account is getting 4.7% right now so that sounds like a good option But you don't need to wait or work with a financial advisor. ETFs are going to take care of you just fine. Super low fees, built in diversification. You'll double your money every 10 years (or less) without even thinking about it

+20 @Anchovy_Paste4 All cash under mattress in air-sealed bags. Most trusted bank = me.

+16 @TheMatrixForever Every major bank has a private banking division, where your money is guaranteed. The rates are higher, and you get a high powered personal banker. Not like the standard consumer accounts with there “measly” $250,000 FDIC insurance.