If I were Filthy Rich
By yoloyodo22
+18 IYW $10 Million after taxes, how much are you giving to family/friends?

If you won $10 M after taxes, how much are you giving to family and close ones? Won’t the guilt of “not giving enough “ ruin the experience? Wb those family members/relatives who guilt trip you and feel entitled to the win? What’s your take?

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+26 @ElectroChuck I won't quit my job but I will be hell to work with.

+16 @bolivar-shagnasty I lived rent free for a year with my sister and her husband when I was getting out of the military. I'd pay that back by paying their house off completely. My nephews and nieces would get college money put aside in a 504 account or something. The rest I'd spend on 40k pieces.

+12 @freeknives1908 The main objective for me would be to make sure that their housing situation is stable. My parents: $200,000 to pay off their mortgage and car loan. They don't need it (government pension), but it would give everyone peace of mind. I am a unique child, so I would get the money back in 15 years once they pass. 3 friends from high school (homeowners): their mortgages are taken care of. It would be a little over 1 million dollars. 1 friend from high school (not a homeowner): I am buying a small home for her, outright in cash. I am hiring a private investigator and buying a bunch of DNA tests (23 and me/Ancestry) to find out who my biological father is. I would help him out if he needs it, regardless of whether or not he wants a relationship or not. In terms of my half-siblings, I would also help them get their housing sorted out. Anyone else's request will be ignored.