If I were Filthy Rich
By Beta_Nerdy
+30 How would Edwin Castro- Powerball Winner- pay the money back if the courts determine he is not the real winner?

Edwin Castro collected a pretax winning of $997 Million Dollars for winning the Powerball Lottery. But he is currently in court fighting a man who claims to be the real winner. If he loses the case how would he pay the money back? He has already spent millions of his money and likely much of it is in trusts and overseas bank accounts.

If you were him would you agree to split the money with the man who is suing him just to make it go away and move on with his life?

Lawsuit claims California man stole winning Powerball ticket - CBS News

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+30 @Detached09 Rivera should've either taken more precaution to safeguard his ticket after purchasing it, or done more like file a police report between when it was bought on Nov 7th and when the win occurred on Nov 22nd, over two weeks later. This sounds like someone that either lost his ticket, a la My Name is Earl, or that he's just trying to get a quick cash-in. Curious that it took him six months from the win being announced to have papers served. If I knew I had the winning ticket and it had been stolen I would've reported it to the lottery commission and police within minutes of finding out my numbers were pulled so they could investigate before paying out.

+26 @wandsk1kes How could any judge with more than 2 brain cells actually take this case seriously?? Do you think this is the first time vultures have tried to victimize lottery winners like this. https://www.wltx.com/amp/article/news/local/fyi/woman-admits-she-lied-about-losing-162m-lottery-ticket/101-384242413

+12 @tiddiesandnunchucks I think Rivera is hoping to shake Castro down. I don’t even think they know each other. Rivera is hoping that Castro will pay him some money just to make him go away.