If I were Filthy Rich
By SadEstablishment7888
+38 Most difficult problem after winning the lottery??

Winning obviously affects every winner differently. Sometimes for the better and other times for the worse. We all know (or think) we'd manage the money way better than a few infamous unlucky winners. But problems exist no matter how much money a person has.

So what do you personally think would be the hardest problem(s) for YOU after winning the lottery?

I think my trust issues would be amplified by 100. Specifically for when it comes to trying to build a quality financial team. That and the overwhelming sense of needing to do something "good" with the money also.

Recent responses

+27 @Dariel2711 So hard to pin one down, but I think this is my top 3: 1) The impact on all my relationships. Does it change me? Does it change the perception of me? Does it change ny perception of others? How do you decide who to help and how much? All those things means me having self doubts about ever relationship. Do they just want money? What was our relationship before? Is it reasonable people expect me to pay now bc I'm rich? 2) How do I fill my time? Currently a minimum of 40 hours a week I spend working. Do I take up hobbies that are helpful, cook more, go to the gym, or do I just waste more time? 3) Specifically my marriage. Ideally the extra time enhances things and opens up new experiences. But before, it was easy to agree on things, easy to find common ground because options for vacations and nights out are limited. What happens when we have all this free time and money? Do we agree on a place to live or argue about where to best raise our kid? So many questions

+20 @Arnie_Grape Which color Porsche to get

+16 @occupy_the_couch Not telling a soul. Convincing my wife to not tell a soul. I wouldn’t want ANYONE to know, so how to help family anonymously would be hard too.

+15 @xanax05mg Dealing with all my friends and family treating me differently.

+12 @BillsInATL Probably how it would affect my marriage once "all options" are on the table. For example, picking where we live now that we arent tied to a job. I know my wife would begin pushing to move our family out of the country, and I don't feel the same way.

+11 @LePetitMouton Fear. I already suffer from anxiety. But if I won? Does the place I bought the ticket know? Did they get the time stamp for the winning ticket and cross check the video footage? Did they show/sell the footage? I can't win that kind of money and not change the lives of my siblings. But would their spouses be trustworthy to not leave them and sue us all? I'd definitely live minimally so as to not raise suspicion, but would my siblings? If I stressed to them that handing out money to their family and friends makes them a target, and also puts a target on the back of my family, would they listen? Would any new person I meet be real or a con artist? If I traveled, would flying first class and staying somewhere nice (but not ostentatious), would that paint a target on my back? Would that kind of money ruin my kid? And before you say just don't play... Who wouldn't want to win money so they aren't always broke, can afford their medication, and not be chained to the wheel? Fear aside.