If I were Filthy Rich
By HaroldBAZ
+55 Change my name temporarily to John Smith

If I won a large lottery where you are required to release your name I would temporarily change my name to John Smith, rent an apartment hundreds of miles away from my real home, change my appearance as best I can, collect the money as John Smith, then wait six months and return to my real life. Nobody would know I won the lottery so I wouldn't get tons of cold calls from financial planners and attorneys and I wouldn't get money requests by long lost "friends" and third cousins. You're welcome.

Recent responses

+27 @quizzlie Love it. Are you going to publish your name change in a really obscure newspaper as well, as is the law?

+17 @ClassyRedneck I think the best way to go about it is to get incorporated and have the money go to your “corporation”. Name changes are very traceable but private corporations don’t need to publish their stakeholder’s personal information (ie. you).